A couple of nice articles about Webmin and Virtualmin

I use Google’s awesome Alerts feature to keep an ear out for anything interesting on the web about some of my favorite topics.  Obviously, Webmin and Virtualmin are among those topics.

A great article about Webmin showed up today at Free Software Magazine, by Gary Richmond, that is a “bird’s eye view” of the subject, just touching on the high points.  In it, he gets to the heart of some of the things that make Webmin great, like it’s ability to edit configuration files directly and safely, rather than generating them from templates, as most similar configuration tools do.  All in all, a nice little “boss-friendly, while still being accurate” introduction to Webmin.

And Monday, the awesome blog The Next Web covered Virtualmin, the business and the project, kicking off their new series on profitable web businesses (rather than those that are running on dreams and VC cash) with this article: Companies who make money: Virtualmin. Lots of great stuff over there.

And, of course, no discussion of the blogosphere would be complete without mentioning the new browser from Google. I haven’t tried it yet, as it’s only available for Windows and I’m a Linux user when I’m working, but Jamie tells me that Webmin works just fine (expected) and there was only one quirky bit in the Virtualmin theme (surprising, since we test against Konqueror and Safari, both WebKit browsers, but easily fixed). So, if you’re running Windows, give it a go: Chrome. If you’re an IE user, please give it a go.