Support Webmin, get a sweet T-shirt!


Sweet Webmin threads!


It’s been a few years since we last took Webmin to a trade show (both because of the costs involved and the time required to do it right), and so we haven’t printed any new T-shirts in a long time. Something like five years. I have had to retired most of my very well-loved Webmin T-shirts because they had developed holes or I’d stained them while cooking or they were otherwise not fit for wearing in public. So, we decided to give Teespring a try, so we could buy shirts for ourselves, and also offer them up for folks who want to show their support for Webmin by wearing a sweet T-shirt. This is the most popular design we’ve ever printed in the most popular color (navy blue).

Back of the shirt just says, “root” in big monospaced type. And, that’s awesome.

Buy a Webmin T-shirt!

They’ll be printed on American Apparel crew T-shirts, and will be screen-printed, so they should look great for years to come. Remember that American Apparel shirts are cut a little smaller than usual, so we recommend you go for a size bigger than you normally buy. There’s also kid sizes, just in case your youngster wants to rep for Webmin.